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Lava Shells Kit


The kit can be purchased with or without having a treatment, to enable you to recreate the experience for friends and family.
Each kit has clear, easy to follow instructions, which should be read to ensure the contents are used in a safe and proper manner.


Contents of the box.

  Indonesian Rituals            

The Indonesian Rituals are sold as gift packs, which can be tailor made to an individual's requirements. The bulk contents are prepared in an age-old manner, by the women of the indigenous villages. With the profits going to support those traditional villages.

The treatment contents are organic and consist of various plants, herbs, spices and oils. With the varying properties of the mix being appropriate for the skin type and condition of the person receiving the treatment.

The treatments can take the form of scrubs, peels and masks. With them being suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.


Examples of treatments are:
The Coconut scrub consists of dried coconut, mung bean, various spices and lavender oil. Which work together to create an excellent exfoliation, that also has anti-oxidant properties, as well as containing various proteins and vitamins, which are believed to increase lymph circulation.
The Coffee scrub has in addition to the prime ingredient, several exfoliating agents, which work as an anti-cellulite treatment, as seen on GM TV.

Balinese Boreh, this consists of several spices, including ginger and nutmeg. With this treatment traditionally being used to help the farmers recover from a hard day in the rice fields.

Lulur, which is made from tumeric, ginger root, various scented oils and flowers. The treatment aids circulation, has a cleansing and exfoliating action and usually has an uplifting, soothing and calming effect.





Headbands for sale 1 for £1.25 or 5 for £5, choice of black or white or a mixture of both, these will fit all ages and are ideal for facial work and sunbathing.


Indonesian Rituals Gift Items


Gift box and pouches


Gift box and pouches


Gift pouches


Breast Check


I also sell breast check kits to assist with early lump detection. The kit can also be used to check for testicular lumps. If you think you have lumps of any kind always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.
The kit is NOT a substitute to having a proper medical examination.

Breast Cancer Care

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