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Massage in Nottingham / Derby


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Hot Stone Massage

This can be added to a traditional massage, and is good for Arthritic and Rheumatic conditions. Additional cold stones can be used and help with varicose veins and sinus problems.


Forearm Massage

Massage is done using core strokes
to deliver a most powerful massage.
Which often enables the client to release
both physically and mentally at a very deep level.



Thai foot and Hand Massage

The full treatment includes the feet, legs, hips and hands which can all be done separately. It incorporates Shiatsu, Reflexology techniques, massage and easy Yoga stretches. This is ideal for someone who prefers to stay clothed.


Massage in Cancer Care

This can help with the mixed emotions caused by the illness and can promote good quality sleep.
Most of my massages can be adapted to the clients needs even if a gentle hand or foot massage is all that is needed and can be clothed or unclothed.
An in depth consultation is given to decide on the best treatment.


Chi Massage

This is a passive treatment for people with limited mobility, as well as the fully mobile. One 15 minute treatment has equivalent benefits to walking 1hour 30 minutes, but you have to start at 5 minutes and build up.



Swedish Massage

This is at the heart of all my mixed massages and is used to warm up the muscles to accept the advanced and deep tissue work. It can also be a very good massage in its own right, by being relaxing and deep. Certain techniques in Swedish Massage are very beneficial in their own right.


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage as its name suggests originates from India. It is done in a normal chair over the clothes, though can also be done with oil on bare skin. The full treatment is on the back, head, neck and face. It can be tailored to the individual.


Chair Massage

This is done in a special massage chair and is good for corporate work as well as anyone who cannot get onto a couch. The chair massage is mainly used for the neck, shoulders and back.


Balinese Massage

This deep tissue massage is quite new to the UK. It works on the whole body including the lymphatic system and takes 90 minutes for a full treatment. Though can also be done as a part treatment e.g. back, legs etc.


Balinese Abdominal Massage

This can be done on its own or as part of another treatment. It aids digestion and intestinal problems. It can also be quite soothing helping with women's problems, such as PMT, endometriosis, the menopause, or after giving birth. With all alternative treatments a full consultation should be carried out and your Dr's approval may be required.


As well as the hot shell massage I also offer a cold shell massage.
The benefits of this are it works well on an injury from sports or a long term injury.
This can be a short treatment just working on the injured area which start from £14 for 20minutes or part of a longer

body treatment.

It is also good as part of a detox/healthy eating plan, where if required can be done with me or part of your own plan.



I also offer a lovely warm facial shell massage:

Using smaller shells & oils more suited to the face. This is priced as normal massage, see price page for details.


Indonesian Rituals

These include body scrubs, healing packs, hydrating and nourishing treatments. Prices on request.
I also teach Indonesian Rituals at a cost of £100
These body treatments made to traditional recipes by the women of Bali, in support of their villages.


Lava Shells

This very new to the UK treatment, with less than 100 practitioners' nation-wide, uses a safe, non toxic and non CO2 producing method, to generate warmth into Tiger Clamshells, which are glided over the body with varying pressures and techniques. This enables their energy to reach even the deepest aches and pains, so helping to alleviate stress and tension.

An abdominal treatment with the Tiger Clamshells is a powerful medium to assist with ones owns natural 'colonic cleansing'. The soothing heat and gentle massage stimulate the lymphatic system in its removal of toxins and so can reduce bloating.

Both the abdominal and general body treatments can be either 'stand alone' or in conjunction with other therapies.

If you enjoy the Lava Shell treatment (and most people do) you might wish to buy for yourself, or as a gift a self-treatment Lava Shell kit.


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