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Other Treatments


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Polarity treatment

This is a clothes on treatment relieves energy congestion and harmonises energy flow.
It can be incorporated with other treatments.


Emotional Treatment Techniques (EFT)

This non-invasive treatment is a way of helping traumatic events become a normal memory, rather than something that disrupts and alters our lives. It can also be used to treat fears, phobias, physical pain and emotional issues.


Reiki and Seichem

These work on the endocrine system, which balances the hormone levels. So can aid relaxation, help with pain relief, reduce the effects shock as well and grief. These are clothes on treatments unless incorporated with a massage and are suitable for all ages. For details on learning how to do these treatments yourself see the page on this.



Aqua Detox

This is suitable for all ages and helps the body to detoxify more efficiently through the skin of the feet. It can help 'rebalance the body' and restore good quality sleep. This treatment can be finished with a scented foot spa.


Hopi Candles

Is a very soothing way of getting rid of earwax and helping with headaches, migraine, earache, tinnitus and sinusitis.


Scar Tissue Relief

This is a simple but effective treatment and helps to reduce irritation and itching on scars over 6 months old.


Treatment for High Blood Pressure

This treatment is quite short but can be very effective and long lasting.


Breast Check

I sell breast check kits to assist with early lump detection. The kit can also be used to check for testicular lumps. If you think you have lumps of any kind always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. The kit is NOT a substitute to having a proper medical examination.

    Breast Cancer Care

Paraffin Wax treatment:

This is good for achy sore joints and pain in the knees, shoulders, elbows, neck, hands and ankles.
It is also good for Rheumatic & Arthritic pain.
The benefits are:

  • Induces muscle relaxation
  • Raises skin temperature
  • Increases circulation to the area
  • Soothes sensory nerve endings
  • Softens skin and cuticles as part of a manicure

Energy colour healing

This is a wonderful stand alone treatment or added to any other it lasts about 15 minutes and brings in colours using text that relaxes to a very deep level working on the body's energy's. As a stand alone it costs £15 or if added to something else it is the same price as massage.

  Energy colour healing

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